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Glo is online Pilates designed to empower you—mind, body, and spirit. Discover the core-strengthening, total-body-toning benefits of this powerful practice, with effective, at-home mat workouts ranging from Classical Pilates to sweat-inducing cardio fusion. Practice without props or get the reformer experience on the mat by incorporating the Pilates magic circle, band, or ball. With everything from beginner basics to advanced challenges, we’ll help you create an online practice that’s uniquely your own. It’s easy to take classes on the go with our app, and you can even download the videos to view offline.

Enough class variety to ensure you stay challenged and inspired.


Level 2-3 30 mins

This super fun and intense full-body routine infuses several training modalities into one! Get the ultimate workout with circuit training, a Tabata-style cardio series, and Pilates, with the option to add light weights (1-3 lb.) for that extra burn.


Level 1-2 20 mins

We tend to put all our focus on our front bodies, the core specifically. Keep in mind that your back muscles also play a huge role in your overall health, strength, and longevity. This routine uses slow, deliberate movements with a resistance band to open your back and increase spinal flexibility, helping you get rid of any slouch.


Level 2 30 mins

Feel the burn with this sequence that uses resistance bands and hand weights to challenge the way you think about balance and gravity. An accessible class to build strength, work through a methodically paced sequence that hones in on your upper body. Find weights and a resistance band that work for you - we used 3lb weights for this class. Props Needed: A resistance band and weights.


Level 1-2 15 mins

Explore the fundamentals of Pilates core work and get a nice workout to boot! This slow and controlled mat sequence will introduce foundational moves like hundreds, roll ups, single and double leg stretch, criss cross and more. Great for newcomers to Pilates who are active in other practices.


Level 1 20 mins

Use active stretches to find space and mobility in your entire body. Find your groove so you can sink into moments even though you are constantly in motion. Feel a gentle workout and sense of release. Great for post workout days or simply when a gentle but active class sounds good.


Level 2-3 45 mins

Take classical Pilates sequencing and weave in fun variations in this quick-paced class. Great for practitioners who are familiar with Pilates vocabulary and who want a little extra challenge and spice. Tone and strengthen your entire body with a focused emphasis on your powerhouse. Be prepared to work hard, however plenty of variations are given so you can practice exactly what your body needs today.

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